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5 Things To Do with Soap

Think soap is just for cleaning grubby fingers? Here are five interesting ways to use soap around the house.

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A bar of soap can be handy in more places than just the bathroom.

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1. Prevent Cast Iron Marks

Nip camping clean-up blues in the bud by rubbing the bottom of your cast iron cookware with a bar of soap before cooking with it over a sooty open flame. You’ll be amazed that there are no black cooking marks afterwards.

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2. Deodorize Your Car

Place a little piece of your favourite scented soap in a mesh bag and hang it from your rear-view mirror.


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3. Mark a Hem

A thin sliver of soap, like the ones left when a bar is just about finished works well for marking a hem.


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4. Keep Stored Clothes Fresh

Pack a bar of your favourite scented soap when you store clothes or luggage. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh until next season and prevent musty odours.

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5. Loosen Stuck Zippers

If a zipper gets stuck, rub it loose with a bar of soap along the zipper’s teeth. The lubrication will get it moving.

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