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5 Things To Do with Popsicle Sticks

If your family loves popsicles, you’re going to love the sticks even more. Discover how leftover popsicle sticks can entertain your kids, help your interior decorator and be a quick fix in a minor medical emergency.

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Did You Know?

Eleven-year old Frank Epperson invented the popsicle in 1905 and started marketing them in 1923 as Epsicles.

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Arts and Crafts

Teach your future artists and writers. Popsicle sticks are just the thing for spreading finger paint. Or, for a fun way to help young children practise their letters, let them use popsicle sticks to write letters in a pile of shaving cream, whipped cream or yogourt.





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Skewer Food for Kids

It’s more fun to eat food if you get to play with it first, as the parents of many picky eaters know. Popsicle sticks are good to have in your bag of tricks at mealtime. Skewer bites of sausage, pineapple, melon and more. Or give kids a stick and have them spread their own peanut butter and jelly.







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Mark Your Seedlings

Is that parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme popping up from your garden? Remember what you planted by using popsicle sticks as plant labels. Just write the type of seeds you planted on the stick with an indelible marker.






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Keep Track of Paint Colours

You’re out in the garage searching through the cans of leftover paint. Did you paint the living room with a paint called Whipped Cream or Sand? Don’t get mixed up again. After you’ve painted a room, dip a popsicle stick in the can and let it dry. Write the name of the paint and the room where it was used on the stick. Now you’ll know what colour to use when it’s time to repaint. These guides can also help an interior decorator pick out fabrics and decorative items.





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Emergency Finger Splint

If you suspect your child has a broken finger, use a popsicle stick as a temporary splint for the finger before heading out to the hospital. Tape it on with adhesive tape to help stabilize the finger until it can be set.






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