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5 Things To Do with Dental Floss

Chances are, you’re not flossing as much as you should be-but it’s even more likely you’re not using dental floss to its full potential. Here are five clever new uses for dental floss that go beyond the bathroom.

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Did You Know?

Flossing regularly can save your life. By keeping your gums healthy, you’re also reducing your risk for developing heart disease.

Read on for 5 New Uses for Dental Floss!

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Use Dental Floss to Slice Cake

Use dental floss to slice cakes-especially delicate and sticky ones that tend to adhere to a knife. Just hold a length of floss taut over the cake and then slice away, moving it slightly side to side as you cut through the cake. You can also use dental floss to cut small blocks of soft cheese.




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Use Dental Floss to Secure a Button

Did that button fall off again? This time, sew it back on with dental floss. It’s much stronger than conventional sewing thread, which makes it perfect for reattaching coat buttons, jacket buttons and buttons on heavy shirts.




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Use Dental Floss to Hang Decor

Considering how thin it is, dental floss is strong stuff. Use it instead of string or wire to securely hang home decor, including lanterns, sun catchers, or wind chimes. For the holidays, use it with a thread to string together a holiday cards display in clothes-line fashion.



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Use Dental Floss to Remove a Stuck Ring

Here’s a simple way to slip off a ring that’s stuck on your finger: Wrap the length of your finger from the ring to the nail tightly with dental floss. (Try to wind it over your finger so that the flat, tape side of faces out.) Then slide the ring off over the slick floss “cocoon.” (Psst-if this doesn’t work, reach for the WD-40!)


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Use Dental Floss to Lift Cookies Off a Baking Tray

Ever fought with a freshly-baked cookie that wouldn’t come off the baking tray? Crumbled cookies may taste just as good as those in one piece, but they definitely don’t look as nice on the serving plate. Use dental floss to easily remove cookies from the baking tray.

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