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5 Things To Do with Clothespins

Start pinning the old-fashioned way, and learn cool new ways to use clothespins in your home and garden.

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1. Keep Fingers Safe

Pinch a match with a spring-type clothespin to light fireplaces and tricky candle votives.

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2. Light-proof Your Hotel Room

Clip hotel drapes together to keep out glaring rays (and eyes).

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3. Seperate Cords

Label clothespins with permanent marker (TV, DVR, DVD, Stereo, Phone, etc.), and use them to identify the cords that belong to each appliance.

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4. Align Your Garden

Wedge a clothespin into the fork (or the spot where a branch and the trunk meet) to keep saplings growing straight and strong.

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5. Save Your Page

Clamp a pin onto a page in a book to save your place. If you’re part of a book club, clip together your favorite chapter for an easy way to flip and find.

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