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5 Things For Colds

While we can’t cure colds, we are getting better at making them shorter and less severe. Use these five things to reduce the duration of your cold.

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Suck on a zinc lozenge, which is an important mineral for your immune system, containing at least 6 to 13 milligrams of zinc gluconate every two waking hours (don’t chew or swallow whole). Don’t suck on more than 10 in one 24-hour period or you may get nauseated.

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A Bowl Of Soup

Prepare (or have someone else prepare) a pot of chicken soup and eat a steaming bowlful. Load it up with garlic, and add a teaspoon of hot red pepper flakes for added effect. The steam from the soup will help open up clogged nasal passages, the broth will provide liquid for hydration, the spiciness of the hot pepper will open your sinuses and get mucus flowing, and the garlic will boost your immune system.

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Cure The Sniffles

If you’re very congested, take two 30-milligram pseudoephedrine tablets every four to six hours, or 120 milligrams in a twelve-hour formulation. Try to avoid taking it near bedtime, though, as it may interfere with your sleep.

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If you’re sneezing a lot, take an antihistamine such as Chlor-Trimeton or Claritin according to package directions.

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Salt Water

If your throat is sore, gargle with warm salt water. The warmth increases blood flow to the throat, which helps fight the infection, and the salt clears away dead white blood cells and other “garbage,” making room for healthy new tissue. You can boost your gargle with a squeeze of lemon, too. The acidity helps kill off bacteria and viruses.