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5 More Things to Do With Toothpicks

Keep your oven and phone clean, and make your salad dressing last longer with these handy tips and things to do with toothpicks. 

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Other Things to Do With Toothpicks

One cord of white birch wood, also known as the toothpick tree, can make 7.5 million toothpicks. You’ll only need a pack though to enjoy these these five handy new uses for the after-meal essential. Find out other things to do with toothpicks. 

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1. Other Things to Do With Toothpicks: Mark Meat

Here’s something to do with toothpicks besides the obvious. Your guests want their steaks done differently at the family cookout, but how do you keep track of who gets what? Easy. Just use different-coloured toothpicks to mark them as rare, medium, and well done and get ready for the acolades.

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2. Other Things to Do With Toothpicks: Control Salad Dressing

Another thing to do with toothpicks: Restrict your intake of carbs and calories from salad dressing. Instead of removing the foil seal when you open the bottle, take a toothpick and pucnh several holes in the foil. This will help prevent overuse of the dressing and make it last longer.

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3. Other Things to Do With Toothpicks: Clean

Another use of toothpicks is to clean! To get rid of dirt, grime, and cobwebs in hard-to-reach cracks or crevices, dip an ordinary toothpick in some alcohol and run it through the affected area. Also try this to clean around the buttons of your phone.

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4. Other Things to Do With Toothpicks: Boiling

Oh darn! It seems like all you have to do is turn around for one minute and the pot is boiling over, making a mess on the stovetop. Next time, just stick a toothpick, laid flat, between the lid and pot. The little opening you create will allow enough steam to escape to prevent the pot from boiling over. This also works with a casserole dish that’s cooking in the oven. Another great use for toothpicks. 

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5. Other Things to Do With Toothpicks: Repair Small Holes

This is a great use for toothpicks. Did you drive a finsih nail or bad into the wrong spot in your pine project? Don’t panic. Dip the tip of a toothpick into white or yellow glue. Stick the toothpick in the hole and break it off. Sand the toothpick flush to the surface and you will never notice the repair.

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Other Things to Do With Toothpicks

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