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5 More Things To Do with Soap

Put your bars of soap to good use with these five new ways to use soap around the home.

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Did you know that the earliest soap was made of ashes and different types of oil, and dates back to the Babylonians? We’ve come a long way since then, so try using a bar of soap for more than just washing your hands and put it to work around your home with these five fun new uses.

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1. Unstick Furniture Drawers

If your cabinet or dresser drawers are sticking, rub the bottom of the drawer and the supports they rest on with a bar of soap.

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2. Lubricate Screws and Sawblades

A little lube with soap makes metal move through wood much more easily. Twist a screw into a bar of soap before driving it and rub some on your handsaw blade.

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3. Remove a Broken Lightbulb

If a bulb breaks while still screwed in, don’t chance nicks and cuts trying to remove it. First, turn off the power. Insert the corner of a large, dry bar of soap into the socket. Give it a few turns and that base will unscrew.

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4. Say Farewell to Fleas

Fed up with those doggone fleas? Put a few drops of dish soap and some water on a plate. Place the plate on the floor next to a lamp. Fleas love light – they will jump on the plate and drown.

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5. Make a Pin Holder

Here’s an easy-to-make alternative to a pincushion. Wrap a bar of soap in fabric and tie the fabric in place with a ribbon. Stick in your pins. As a bonus, the soap lubricates the pins, making them easier to insert.

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