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5 More Things To Do with Baby Oil

Before you bust out the baby oil make sure to take a look at these practical uses for it around the home.

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Did You Know?

Mineral oil (i.e. baby oil) is the byproduct of the distillation of petroleum to create gasoline.

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1. Slip Off a Stuck Ring

Is that ring jammed on your finger again? First lubricate the ring area with a generous amount of baby oil. Then swivel the ring around to spread the oil under it. You should be able to slide the ring off with ease.

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2. Clean Your Bathtub or Shower

Remove dirt and built-up soap scum around your bathtub or shower stall by wiping surfaces with 1 teaspoon baby oil on a moist cloth. Use another cloth to wipe away any leftover oil. Finally, spray the area with a disinfectant cleaner to kill any remaining germs. This technique is also great for cleaning soap film and watermarks off glass shower doors.

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3. Polish Leather Bags and Shoes

Just a few drops of baby oil applied with a soft cloth can add new life to an old leather bag or pair of patent-leather shoes. Don’t forget to wipe away any oil remaining on the leather when you’re done.

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4. Remove Latex Paint From Skin

Did you get almost as much paint on your face and hands as you did on the bathroom you just painted? You can quickly get latex paint off your skin by first rubbing it with some baby oil, followed by a good washing with soap and hot water.

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5. Treat Cradle Cap

Cradle cap may be unsightly, but it is a common, usually harmless, phase in many babies’ development. To combat it, gently rub in a little baby oil, and lightly comb it through your baby’s hair. If your child gets upset, comb it a bit at a time, but do not leave the oil on for more than 24 hours. Then, thoroughly wash the hair to remove all of the oil. Repeat the process in persistent cases. Note: If you notice a lot of yellow crusting, or if the cradle cap has spread behind the ears or on the neck, contact your pediatrician instead.

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