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5 More Handy Things To Do with Sandwich Bags

From keeping your wallet dry to getting rid of annoying paint lumps, here are five more handy ways to use sandwich bags.

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Fun Fact: Want to save on expensive sandwich bags? Try holding on to them and reusing them whenever possible. It’s better for your wallet and Mother Nature. Now, here are five more handy ways to use sandwich bags:

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1. Carry Detergent for Washing

If you’re planning a trip to a friend’s beach house and think you’ll be doing a few loads of laundry while you’re there, premeasure some detergent in a bag that you can pour out when the time comes. Beats lugging a big box of detergent down to the shore.

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2. Carry Wet Washcloths for Cooling Off

Going for a long trip on a hot and sticky day? Use a sealable bag to take along a wet washcloth that has been soaked in water and lemon juice so that everyone can get a refreshing wipe-off. This is a good trick for fast on-the-road face and hand cleanups anytime.

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3. Keep Your Valuables Dry and Afloat

Whoops! You tipped the canoe and got dunked. No biggie, until that sinking feeling hits – your car keys and cell phone are at the bottom of the lake. Avoid this disaster by putting your valuables in a sealable bag. Blow air into it before you seal the bag so it will float. A sealable bag is perfect for keeping valuables dry at the water park or beach too.

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4. Get Rid of Paint Lumps

You want to do a touch-up paint job, but your used can of paint has some lumps in it. Instead of going through the bother of straining the paint into another container, try this: Cut a circle of screening sized to fit inside the can (use the lid as a guide). Place the screen circle on top of the paint and push it gently down to the bottom with your stir stick. The lumps will now be trapped at the bottom of the can. Stir up the paint and get to work.

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5. Add Cedar to Your Closet

Cedar closets smell great, and, more important, they repel moths. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a cedar closet, you can easily create the next best thing. Fill a sealable bag with cedar chips – the kind you buy at a pet store for the hamster cage. Zip it closed, then punch several small holes in it. Hang the bag in your closet (a pants hanger is handy for this) and let the cedar smell do its work.

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