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5 Everyday Things That Treat Acne

Keep your skin looking wonderful and help prevent acne flare-ups with these everyday items.

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When a pimple rears its ugly head, there are several over-the-counter products that can help. But then, so too can simple natural remedies. Here are five things you may have in the kitchen or around the house that can help kick acne to the curb:

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1. Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Apply vinegar or lemon juice to pimples using a cotton wool ball. The acids present in lemon juice and all vinegars can help to flush out pores. Toothpaste smeared on an outbreak is also reputed to work well – try applying it before you go to bed.

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2. Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera. One study found that 90 per cent of skin sores were completely healed with aloe vera within five days. Buy a product containing aloe vera, or squeeze the gel from the middle of a freshly cut leaf and apply it to the skin.

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3. Yogurt

Applying live, natural yogurt to the skin helps soothe and heal, particularly after a camomile steam bath has opened up the sebaceous glands. Allow the steam to rise over your face.

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4. Chasteberry Tea

For acne that flares up before a menstrual period, drink 1 to 2 cups of chasteberry tea a day. Some studies show that this herb helps to regulate female hormones, but give it two or three months to work. Sage and red clover may also help control excess production of sebum by moderating hormone levels.

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5. Tea Tree Oil

Apply a drop of tea-tree oil to blemishes three times a day to discourage infection and speed up healing. Research has found that 5 per cent tea-tree oil is as effective against acne as a 5 per cent benzoyl peroxide solution.

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