Top 5 Dog Commands

There are basic commands that every dog should know. Training your pooch to respond to some essential instructions will help to manage his behaviour, as well as create a good relationship between the two of you.

Top 5 Dog Commands

If you’re wondering how advanced your dog is when it comes to following orders, here’s help. Dogs should know these five key commands, says animal expert Amy Breton.

1. Come

Use it… To call your dog away from anything at any time.
Try it when… He’s tempted by small children with food.

2. Sit-Stay

Use it… To keep your dog stationary for short periods of time.
Try it when… She’s overly excited by arriving visitors.

3. Down-Stay

Use it… To keep your dog stationary for longer periods of time.
Try it when… The family sits down to eat dinner.

4. Drop it

Use it… To prevent your dog from eating or picking up something he shouldn’t.
Try it when… He gets into food scraps in the garbage bin.

5. No

Use it… (Sparingly) to get a dog’s attention when she does something seriously wrong or is in potential danger.
Try it when… She’s chewing an electrical cord.

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