Pets Photo Gallery: Pets Taking a Break

It’s hard work being a pet! Sometimes they just need to kick back and relax. Check out 10 photos of our furry friends catching up on their sleep.

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Just like humans, dogs also enjoy getting proper rest.

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This is “Tequilla”…just chilling out and relaxing!

Submitted by: Linda, Tilbury, ON

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This is my Mica. She wasn’t very happy with me because I woke her up having to make the bed.

Submitted by: Tracey

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This is how we found our pups one morning. We woke them by taking the picture, but luckily they did not move right away!

Submitted by: Fanie, Norton, NB

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Submitted by: Barbara, Brighton, ON
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A mother in love.

Submitted by: Frances, Sarnia, ON

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My daughter Meadow with her beloved 4-year-old Jack Russell, Dixie.

Submitted by: Jacqueline, Murray River, PE

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This is Chiyo, my maine coon mix doing what she does best……hang out in boxes!

Submitted by: Tommie, Lake Charles, AB

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Best friends Lily and Cloe.

Submitted by: Kim, Airdrie, AB

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Submitted by: Annette, Gatineau, QC

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This is my baby Levi. He likes to give me “the wink”.

Submitted by: Lisa, Kenaston, SK

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