This is the New Pet-Pampering Capital of Canada

Where does your community rank in’s annual roundup of Canada’s most pampered pets?

The most pampered pets in CanadaPhoto: Shutterstock

Per Capita, This City Spends More on Pets Than Anywhere Else in Canada

We Canadians love to pamper our pets—but some fur babies have it better than others, according to a new report from The online retailer just released its annual list of the Canadian cities that spend the most on pet products per capita, and the results shed light on which parts of the country spare no expense on their four-legged friends.

For the first time ever, London, Ontario, is ranked the Pet-Pampering Capital of Canada, bumping Vancouver from top spot. London has been steadily rising through the ranks since 2016, climbing from 7th to 4th before claiming the crown. Vancouver is still a pet-loving city, but dropped from first place in 2017 down to 3rd. Calgary has made the move to 2nd place, taking the spot from another Alberta city, Edmonton, which dropped 11 places to number 13.

The top 20 cities in Canada for pet-pampering are:

  1. London, ON
  2. Calgary, AB
  3. Vancouver, BC
  4. Kitchener, ON
  5. Saskatoon, SK
  6. Mississauga, ON
  7. Gatineau, QC
  8. Burnaby, BC
  9. Windsor, ON
  10. Regina, SK
  11. Richmond, BC
  12. Winnipeg, MB
  13. Edmonton, AB
  14. Markham, ON
  15. Ottawa, ON
  16. Brampton, ON
  17. Surrey, BC
  18. Hamilton, ON
  19. Toronto, ON
  20. Laval, QC

The Amazon spending report also revealed:

The Canadian City With the Most Spoiled Pups:
Saskatoon, Kitchener and Gatineau, respectively, are the top cities that pamper their pups, buying the most accessories, grooming products, toys and treats. (Saskatoon is also great at spoiling foodies—here’s why!)

The Canadian City With the Most Stylish Kitties:
There is a direct connection between size of a city and purchases on cat accessories. Torontonians purchased more feline fashion than any other city, but stylish cats in Calgary and Edmonton closely follow. (Speaking of which, here’s some inspiration for your pet’s Halloween costume.)

Our Fish Fascination:
Across the country, land-locked cities are more likely to spoil their fish with popular purchases like aquarium décor, food, heaters, lights and more. London, Mississauga, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Brampton take the top five spots for fancy fish.

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