3 Funny Pet Stories That Prove We’ll Do Anything for Our Favourite Animals

Love can make you do crazy things—and as these pet stories show, the bond between humans and animals is no exception.

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Smiling tabby kitten
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You May Meow Kiss the Bride

This year, a Quebec couple travelled to Parlier, Calif., to say their vows in front of more than 1,000 onlookers. Remarkably, not one audience member shed a tear—probably because the guests were all cats. Louise Véronneau and Dominic Husson wed at the Cat House on the Kings feline sanctuary in May. True to the cause, they suggested their human friends and family donate to the shelter in lieu of wedding gifts. Sounds like a purr-fect way to give back.

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A Strange Petsitting Request

When it comes to babysitting one New York pet, it pays to take things slow and steady. Amanda Green made waves in March when she posted a Craigslist ad seeking someone to take her eight-kilogram tortoise, Henry, out for walks in Central Park—using a stroller to transport him there. Green received offers from people as far away as Australia who wished to play with the animal. A woman with previous pet store experience landed the gig, but fans can keep up with Henry on his Facebook page, the Notortoise BIG.

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Alligator in terrarium
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Happily Ever After

The bond Mary Thorn shares with her pet of 12 years is just as fierce as the animal itself. In March 2015, the Lakeland, Fla.–based retired professional wrestler appealed to Facebook followers for help—she wanted to keep her 15-year-old, 1.8-metre-long alligator, Rambo, after the Florida Wildlife Commission requested that she find him another home. State regulations allow alligators to be kept as pets, but those greater than 1.2 metres in length must live on properties one hectare or larger. On Thorn’s page, pictures show Rambo dressed up in denim overalls, posing on an all-terrain vehicle and even kissing his owner on the mouth. Luckily, in December 2016, Thorn was granted permission to keep her scaly pal. The best pet stories always have happy endings.

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