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Dog Days of Summer

Five picks for the pampered pet.

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Are you guilty of pampering your pet? We have five products to help you cater to your canine’s every want and need all summer long.


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1. For Those Who Like To Make An Entrance

Animals can roam free and still make it home for dinner with PetSafe’s PASSport Pet Door. The panel opens when it detects the correct key out front, hooked to a collar.

From US$119,

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2. For Hot Dogs

After a long run, your pooch will love Aspen Pet’s Self-Cooling Mat, filled with gel at room temperature-way below that of your panting pup. Refrigerate the pads for extra chill. (Available late summer.)

From US$15,

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3. For Water Babies

Designed for indestructibility, the Bionic Urban Stick also floats, making it a perfect chew toy and fetch stick for lakeside vacations.

From $14.99,

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4. For The Young and the Restless

If your pets go wild at the sight of one laser beam, imagine the possibilities with two. Turn on the FroliCat Dart Duo and let the games begin.


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For Motivated Learners

Puppy want a treat? Hungry canines will need to sharpen their problem-solving skills to pick through the crevices of the kibble-dispensing Kong Quest Starpod.

From US$10.99,