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5 True Naughty Pet Stories

We asked readers to tell us a story about their naughty pup or cheeky kitten. Here are some of our favourite responses. 

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Diligent Dog

“Every day my puppy collects the paper from our front step; if our paper isn’t there, she finds one from someone else’s.”

– Ms. L. Bosma

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“My cocker spaniel, Grace, fell in our pool while chasing a bird and looking at the sky. She did this twice, but finally learned.”

— Ms. E.O’Neill


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What a Stink!

“My Staffy was fast asleep when she broke wind so loud that she scared herself; she ran around in circles barking and looking very confused about where the noise came from.”

– Ms. J. Mathon


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A Bad Place To Sleep

“In a rush, I pulled out my winter boots to put them on, and nearly squashed my adorable kitten who was fast asleep inside one of them!”

– Ms. M. Bassell


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Crafty Canine

“My puppy stole my mom’s brand new shoes while they were still in the box. He snuck outdoors when no one was looking and buried them.”

– Ms. S Gowen


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