5 Musically Talented Animals

It’s impressive what hidden talents some animals have. Check out five videos of furry creatures showing off their musical skills.

5 Musically Talented Animals

Nora the Piano Cat

This gray tabby cat rose to stardom in 2007 after this video was uploaded. Nora sure does show that practice makes “purr-fect”!

Dancing Dog Owns the Dance Floor

If animals were allowed to qualify, this dog’s moves would certainly land him a spot on So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

Beatboxing Parrot

Sure, parrots can talk, but we were rather impressed to see this bird showing off his funky, hip hop side.

Monkey Playing Guitar

Here’s a monkey that’s looking to achieve rock-star status.

The Piano Playing Dog

Beamin the Dog really gets into the music-watch as he bobs his head to the beat while tickling the ivories.