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4 Essentials To Pack For Your Pet

If you’re taking Spot or Rufus on holiday, or even to your in-laws for summer break, here are the essentials you can’t forget.

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1. Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Medical History

Get your vet to issue a general health certificate, along with information about any vaccines and medications. It’s also a good idea to have your vet’s phone number on hand.


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2. Pack a Little Extra

If your pet is currently taking any medication, make sure you bring enough for the entire trip and then some. Flight delays, bad weather and other common vacay mishaps can cause havoc for your pet, so always make sure you have enough medication.


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3. Keep Their Diet Consistent

Unless you’re sure you’ll find pet food at your destination, bring sufficient quantities of your pet’s usual food. An abrupt change of diet could give him a nasty bout of diarrhea – not ideal in a hotel or someone else’s house.


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4. Don’t Forget the Comforts of Home

Don’t forget comfort and amusement by packing your pet’s toys, bedding and, if appropriate, some cat litter. It’s important to remember that travel can cause stress for even the most well adjusted pet, and small things can make the difference. If your pet needs treats to behave, do the smart thing and pack a little extra. You’ll probably need them.


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