10 More Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Ever wondered how long the average dog lives for? Here are 10 essential facts about man’s best friend, guaranteed to ensure you’re top dog when it comes to canine trivia.

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Fun facts about dogs
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Listen Up!

Dogs have twice as many muscles for moving their ears as people. Dogs use these ear muscles to display over 100 different facial expressions! These extraordinary ears also help dogs to hear sounds at four times the distance that humans can.

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Sleeping dog
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Why Do Dogs Turn in Circles Before Lying Down?

In the wild this instinctive action turns long grass into a bed. To keep your dog at home comfortable, make sure they have a specified place to sleep and keep it in the same spot. This will help them feel secure.

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Poodle puppy on bed
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Eyes Bigger Than Their Stomach

A small breed dog’s stomach is the size of a walnut!

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Puppy yawning
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Brush Regularly!

An adult dog has 42 teeth that require specific care. It’s also important to try to brush their teeth regularly with specialized products and have annual dental check-ups.

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How Long Do They Live?

The dog’s average life expectancy is 8 to 15 years. Make sure you visit a vet for regular check-ups even when they’re healthy as this will help maintain your pet’s health and well being and keep them with you longer.

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Sleeping puppies
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How Helpless Are Puppies?

At birth puppies are deaf, blind, and toothless and have almost no sense of smell. To ensure your puppy develops into a strong adult dog, ensure you feed them with a puppy specific food.

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Bulldog running
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A Bite That’s Bigger Than Their Bark

The average dog’s mouth exerts 150 to 200 pounds of pressure per square inch. Some dogs can apply up to 450 pounds. To avoid your dog exercising their jaws on your belongings, give some generous thought to how you can keep them entertained. Try rolling treat balls, sand pits with buried treasures and water troughs to play in and make sure they receive adequate exercise by walking them often. This will help ease any destructive behaviour that can arise from boredom.

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Cesky Terrier
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That’s a Lot of Hair!

Some dogs grow 30 metres of fur per day – that’s the equivalent of six family sized cars! This includes adding up all the new strands covering the entire animal end-to-end.

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Golden Retriever
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Single Folk: Choose Wisely

The best dog to reportedly attract a date is the Golden Retriever, the worst is the Pit Bull. When choosing your new pooch, ensure you research the breed and match it appropriately with your lifestyle.

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Running puppies
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Puppies Need Exercise

To a young dog, exercise and play are the day’s most important events. As a dog gets older, he lives for dinnertime. As your dog matures it’s important to keep their nutrition tailored to their age.

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