Where to Find Bargains

With the current state of the economy it is important to save money and spend what you have to wisely. Fortunately, there are several places where you can get quality items at bargain basement prices – and locating the inexpensive treasures is half the fun!

Where to Find Bargains

Fine Furniture

There are plenty of places to look for good, inexpensive furniture to furnish your home. Auctions can be a fun way to spend a day and pick up some fantastic bargains. Antique bureaus can often be had for under $100. Tables, chairs and other furniture are also available at a good price. It is important to set a limit on what you think the piece is worth and what you can afford and to stick to this price.

Flea markets and garage sales are two more places where furniture can be acquired for a good price. Look carefully at the prospective piece so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you are interested in a piece of furniture don’t worry about haggling to get a better price. Haggling may not only get you a better price, it is often expected at these venues!

You can find bargains on the Internet, if you know how process works. There’s the old standby ebay and well as Kijiji, which is the Internet equivalent of the yard sale. This community based website lets people either sell their belongings at discount prices or give them away.

While you may not expect to get an exceptional price at an antique store, often you can if you know where to look and are prepared to refinish, and occasionally repair, the antique. Some antique dealers sell antiques which need refinishing so ask these dealers if they sell antiques “in the rough.”

Finally, you can often get furniture from family members. Relatives may be happy to give you furniture they no longer need and will appreciate you helping them clear out their attic or basement.

Quality Clothes

Considerable money can also be saved when acquiring clothes. Second-hand clothes stores and thrift shops offer used clothes in good condition at very reasonable prices. Places such as Value Village have become famous for the gems they offer. Don’t overlook the second-hand store at your local church. Not only can you find some terrific bargains, you’ll also be supporting their social programs.

Factory outlet stores offer new clothes at reduced prices. These prices can be further reduced by waiting for the outlet stores to have sales. Other clothes stores can also have significantly reduced prices during sales.

And don’t forget the best, and least expensive, way to acquire clothes – by getting hand-me-downs from relatives and friends. This works particularly well with children’s clothes. Exchanging or trading these clothes with family members, neighbours and friends is a great way to slash your clothes budget – and practice the “reuse” part of the 3Rs at the same time!

Bargain Books

Reading is entertaining and important. New books are often expensive. Are there ways to cut costs when it comes to your reading material? Absolutely. Used book stores offer a great selection of books at good prices.

You can also get a good bargain on new books which go on sale. And, as with clothes, exchanging books with relatives and friends is a fun way to update your library without the expense of purchasing the books.

And, don’t forget the Internet. There are many online used book stores which offer an incredible selection of books in various conditions and at various prices. There are also online stores, such as BookCloseouts com that sell “bargain books” (new unread books sold at reduced prices.)

And, if you only want to read the book and not own it, visit your local library!  

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