Where to Find Bargains Online

Shopping online is convenient but it can also save you money if you know where to look for discounts and coupons. We’ve collected some of the best Internet sites that will help you find the bargains.

Save money on gas, cars, clothes, videos, shoes, textbooks, and when you comparison shop armed with discount coupons.

Find Online Discount Codes

You’re paying for something online-a shirt, suit, or scarf-and notice a place to key in a code for a discount. But what are these secret codes, and where can you find them?

They’re at Retail Me. This site lists over 15,000 stores and you can search alphabetically or by category or store to find those discount coupons. he discount codes work for online sales only, but the site has a thriving printable coupons section. Deal Catcher is another good resource for coupons, rebates, and Sunday newspaper circulars listing weekly deals.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there be sure to also visit the following discount coupon sites:

Cash in on Rebates

Fat Wallet steers you to participating retailers and shares a portion of the commission they receive for referrals in the form of a cash back. The downside: The site doesn’t take your rebate off at check-out, so it can take three weeks to post the cash in your FatWallet account and up to 120 days for FatWallet to cough up the dough via check or PayPal. Still, it is free money.

Compare Prices on Line

You want to find the best bargain but who has time to do the research on foot? If you’re short on time and want to do a quick price comparison, use “shopping bots” where you can search by products, retailers, individual sellers, prices, or ratings.

The following sites offer the best comparison shopping:

Watch Free Videos

You may not need that Netflix subscription for $16.99 a month if your local library has a good DVD collection. If you library doesn’t have what you are looking for then request delivery from another branch. You can also reserve music CDs and books on tape this way as well. The Library and Archives Canada has a listing of all libraries across the country participating in the InterLIbrary Loans program as well as their collections online.

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