What Are You Worth?

Whether you’re negotiating a starting salary or looking for a raise, you should know how much you’re really  worth. To help you figure out your fair share, check out some salary calculators online.

They all work much the same way. You enter a job title and location (or select from a menu), then get a base salary calculation or a range. To refine your calculations, you can add variables like years of experience, responsibilities and education. You can also compare the same job in different locations, or see what a related job is worth.  Here are some places to start:

•    www.workopolis.ca, then click on “resource centre” and “how to…calculate your salary”.

•    salary.monster.ca/

•    ca.hotjobs.yahoo.com/salary

•    www.salaryexpert.com/

•    www.itworldcanada.com/salarycalculator/ (for jobs in information technology)