Sporty Savings

Are you a die-hard sports fan who can’t finance the addiction? These suggestions may satiate your craving for spectator sports without breaking the bank. So get reading and get to the game!

Professional Prices

If you’re going to pay professional athletes a gazillion dollars a year, you have to charge sports fans more to see them. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to save on buying tickets to professional sporting events. But we do have a few ideas that you may want to try:

Group Power

Many arenas will offer a discount for a group sale. If you have a group from work, school, or other organization, buying in bulk can save you a modest amount per ticket.

Share the Savings

You and a friend or a group of friends can purchase a subscription and divide the season’s tickets. Subscriptions are slightly less expensive than individual tickets so this approach will reduce your cost. The downside is that you can only go to the games that you and your friends agreed upon before purchasing the tickets.

Promo Discounts

Take advantage of any and all promotional discounts. You’ll have to keep a close eye to find and take advantage of these when they’re available, but the effort might be worth your while.

Get Cheap Seats

Modern stadiums and arenas are designed so well that even the nosebleed seats have good sight lines—you’re just farther away. Be sure to bring your binoculars so that you can get a closer look at the action. You can still experience the fun of a live game at the lowest stadium prices that are available.

Finances of Food

Even if you score discounted tickets to a professional game, another place where they still try to get you is in the price-gouging food concessions. Avoid them like the plague. Instead, tuck some sandwiches and popcorn into a backpack and drink water. It’s healthier and a whole lot cheaper than overpriced hot dogs and sodas.

Minor Miracles

As people are becoming more disenchanted with professional teams, they’re rediscovering the joys of the minor leagues. Many professional teams have farm teams where they train up and coming talent. Check to see if any of these teams are in your local area. At minor league games everyone gets a great seat because the stadiums are much smaller. These games tend to be more family friendly, and the ticket prices are vastly lower.

Spirited School Savings

Athletic teams at colleges and universities can inspire tremendous fan loyalty. You can find terrific variety, too—literally a sport for everyone. The only drawback is that it can be hard to get tickets to college or university events because the students and alumni are so very loyal. But these competitions are well worth seeking out if you want to watch some memorable games.

Beginner’s Bargains

Do you have a standout high school team nearby? What about youth football, soccer, or Little League? If you have young children in your family, it especially makes sense to check out some of these games. Because they’re usually free, you’ll never find a better bargain for spectator sports and the games can be really fun to watch. For adults, community basketball and baseball leagues can be a great deal and a good time, too, whether you play or watch.

Think Outside of the Box


This sport, long a favorite in nearly all the rest of the world, has exploded in popularity across North America. The games are fast and exciting; the skills breathtaking. See if there’s a youth or adult league to check out in your local area.

Swimming and Diving

There are folks who wait for the summer Olympics just to watch the water sports. If you have a college or university nearby (or even a high school) with a ranked swim team, these are extremely exciting events to attend.


Another favourite of the Olympics, both men’s and women’s gymnastic events, are full of heart-stopping moments, graceful routines, and supreme athleticism. Check with high school coaches, college athletic departments, or gymnastic schools to find out about competitions in the area.

Martial Arts

Martial arts schools frequently offer demonstrations and there are competitions between schools. These are exciting to watch and cost little or nothing.

Horse Shows and Dog Shows

It can be thrilling to watch riders negotiate their horses over huge fences or observe trainers as they make their dogs complete a series of paces. Usually, the cost of attending these events is very low or free. If you’ve never been to a horse or a dog show, give it a try. Check area stables for event information and local dog trainers for up-and-coming shows.