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7 Ways To Sell on Craigslist

Want proven tricks for how to sell your things on Craigslist? Try these tips from the experts.

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Write a Great Headline

Most Craigslist shoppers know what they’re looking for. Create a concise headline with one perfect adjective. Avoid all caps and rows of exclamation points-they look amateur.

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Post Large and Clear Photos

Upload one full-length picture of the item and a few close-up shots from various angles. Make sure photos are 800 pixels wide so shoppers won’t have to scroll to see your coffeemaker.

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Thursday Posts Perform Best

Add your goods between 6 and 7 p.m. on Thursday to target weekend bargain shoppers. If items haven’t sold by Friday, delete the listing and repost on Saturday to keep the sale feeling fresh.

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Be Smart About Price

Haggling seals the deal online. Don’t say you’re firm on pricing. If you are set on a certain amount, ask for more money than you’ll accept and meet somewhere in the middle.

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Offer Help Moving

Make it easier for shoppers to take large products home. If a prospective buyer lives nearby, offer to deliver the sofa to his house. If he doesn’t, give him the name of a cheap moving company.

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Provide a Secure Email

Select the option that allows people to e-mail you through Craigslist. Also, to keep creepers from continuing to call, sign up for a Google Voice number, which you can toss after the sale.

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Be Honest

If you’re selling a big item like a car, be up-front with your reasoning. Are you due for a vehicle upgrade? Is the engine sticky? Be open, and keep others from drawing their own conclusions.

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