How to Get the Best Value in Budget Wines

Wine sales have grown rapidly in the last 20 years and vintages from many different countries are available in Canadian stores. Few of us are connoisseurs, so how do we decide which bottle to select from the crowded shelves?

Knowledge is buying power

Don’t assume that a high price necessarily indicates high quality. Although this can be true, some wines command higher prices because of a small harvest, and as a result, fewer bottles produced. If you learn about wine, you’ll be in a better position to spot the best-value vintages.

Start a club

Start a wine-tasting club with your friends or colleagues. You can arrange regular tastings where everyone brings a bottle of a particular type of wine. If you’re already a member of a book club or investment club, why not combine these gatherings with wine tasting, and kill two birds with one stone?

Attend an event

There are many wine-tasting events held throughout the country, though regions that grow grapes seem to have the most. Watch out for charity events that combine wine-tasting with auctions or other fundraising activities.

Take a course

There are lots of courses available to learn about wine, both in your local community and online.