6 New Must-Have Smartphones

Check out the latest batch of enviable smartphones that have caught the eye of writer Saleema Nawaz. They just might make the perfect holiday gift this year.

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LG Optimus 2x

LG’s entry into the superphone arena has all the requisite features: dual-core processor, high-resolution camera with HD video recording and HDMI connectivity. But the large touch screen is not as responsive as it should be, nor is the phone quite as speedy as its hardware might suggest.

Photo: www.lg.com

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Motorola XT860

A monster at 184 grams, this slider phone with touch screen and QWERTY keyboard has the feel of two phones-one stacked on top of the other. It delivers in terms of performance, but has a tendency to heat up even when not on a call. A dedicated row of number keys is a nice addition for the diehard keyboard crowd.

Photo: www.motorola.com

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LG Optimus Chat

This budget smartphone looks the part, with a dinky plastic case and low-resolution screen. Its slider keyboard is great, however, especially considering the phone’s compact size, and the 3-megapixel camera can even shoot video. A great choice for teens and people unsure about whether they really need mobile Internet.

Photo: www.lg.com

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HTC Status

A social networking powerhouse for the texting generation, this BlackBerry-style Android combines a touch screen with a physical keyboard. And it has a dedicated Facebook button so cleverly integrated that you may find yourself oversharing when it comes to photos, links and status updates.

Photo: htc.com/ca

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Sony Xperia Pro

It looks modest, but this nifty little smartphone packs a touch screen, a superb slide-out keyboard, an 8.1 megapixel camera with a dedicated shutter button, and an HDMI port for displaying photos and videos on your TV or computer. An intelligent “search or share” function kicks in when you start typing, offering shortcuts for Google, email, Facebook and texting.

Photo: sonyericsson.com

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Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

Imagine all the best features — a dual-core processor for speedy surfing, a high-res 8 megapixel front-facing camera for applications such as Skype — engineered to fit inside a device that is astonishingly thin and light. Toss in a big and beautiful 4.3-inch display, and it’s clear why Samsung Galaxy S II is the new smartphone to beat.

Photo: samsung.com

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