6 Motivational Tips for Job Hunting

We’re in a recession and you’re out of a job. The days following those fateful words, "We have to let you go," are dismal ones indeed. Author Jon Gordon offers some strategies to help you stay positive and motivated while finding another job.

Jon Gordon has been where you are right now. During the dot.com crash, he lost his own job. And that’s when his journey of reinvention began. He has some good news: the layoff you think is bad today will actually lead to great events in the future, with the right approach and action plan.  

"It doesn’t mean that you don’t allow yourself to get down," says Gordon, author of  The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. "But rather it’s all about implementing the strategies that will help you focus, make changes and turn things around."    

Here a few of his life-changing tips that can help you change your outlook and go from fired to fired up.

1. Jettison Your Anger

Allow yourself to be angry, sad, bitter, upset for a few days and then let it all go. Forgive the company. Forgive your employers. Release the bitterness.

2. Dream Big

Say to yourself, "I have a dream." Then start working to achieve it. Having studied many successful people, Gordon says he’s found that they all can pinpoint the moment where they decided what they truly wanted to achieve in life. It’s a practice that should be required for all of us. After all, if you know what you truly want out of life then you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

3. Have Faith

Try out this riddle: What do fear and faith have in common? The answer: A future that hasn’t happened yet. So why would you choose to paint that future bleak and empty, when you could paint it vibrant and fulfilling and fun? 

"Fear believes in a negative future while faith believes in a positive future," says Gordon. "Even if you’re not a spiritual person, why would you choose to believe the worst is going to happen? It just feels better to look to the positive future."

4. Be Humble and Hungry

Gordon advises being humble. Know that you don’t have all the answers and can learn something from everyone. Know that there are always new ways to learn, improve, and get better. Be open to advice. Be open to learning a new skill and trying a job you haven’t thought of before.

Also, be hungry: Seek out a mentor, take them to lunch and model their success. Think of their life as a blueprint you can follow. Continuously improve and seek out new ideas and new strategies.

5. 3 Things

When you get up each morning, ask yourself this one question: What are the three things I need to do today that will help me find a job and create the success that I desire? Then, take action on those three things every day until you’ve achieved them. This is a great way to keep feeding your positive energy.

6. Stay Positive

Take on a "glass 92 percent full" approach to the recession. Today’s employment-related statistics can be hard to get out of your head when you’re searching for a job. But unlike the pundits on TV who seem all too pleased to focus on the most negative numbers available, you can choose to focus on the flip side, says Gordon. Rather than fixating on 8 percent unemployment, focus on 92 percent employment.

"Dwelling on the higher number will likely be better for maintaining a positive state of mind during your job search," says Gordon. "Always remember, the choice is yours."

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