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5 Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to choose between your bank account and your love on Valentine’s Day. Here are low-cost but meaningful ways to celebrate.

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Cook Together

Make dinner together instead of going out to the outrageously expensive prix fixe menus. To make it easier, assign a different portion of the meal to each person.

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Leave a Love Note

Leave a note in a place where he/she will find it later that day. Lunch box is a classic place.

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Walk Down Memory Lane

Collect meaningful odds and ends like movie tickets and vacation souvenirs, and leave them in the car’s cup holder.

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Deliver Yourself

Skip the flower-delivery person. Go to the flower shop, pick your own and be your own delivery person.

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Give Her the Key to Your Heart

If she holds the key to your heart, why not give her the key to yours? Buy an antique skeleton key on e-bay or another online source (many cost under $10), and thread a velvet ribbon through it.