5 Best Business Tips from the Dragons’ Den Cast

Think you’ve got what it takes to run a successful business? Here are five business tips the Dragons’ Den cast would like all budding entrepreneurs to know.

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The cast of Dragons' Den
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The Dragons’ Den Cast Reveals Their Best Business Advice

Canada has become one of the world’s leading startup countries for many reasons, among them steady economic growth rates, a competitive market and relatively strong government investment. As seen on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, successful businesses take normal products and services and turn them into appealing necessities for consumers.

Week in and week out, the Dragons’ Den cast critiques pitches from some of Canada’s most ambitious entrepreneurs. With successful businesses under their own belts, they know what it takes to start a business – they’re now revealing their best advice to budding entrepreneurs.

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Dragons' Den cast member Michael Wekerle
Photo: CBC

Michael Wekerle’s Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Chairman and Founder, Difference Capital

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years as a finance guy. The four most important things for me are perseverance, passion, authenticity and integrity. But I’m also a believer in ‘fake it till you make it.’ In any business, people will think you’re great if you yourself think you are. If people think you’re going to be the new franchise king, then proceed as if you are, or else they won’t take you seriously. Failure isn’t an option for any up-and-comer.”

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Dragons' Den cast member Jim Treliving
Photo: CBC

Jim Treliving’s Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Chairman and Owner, Boston Pizza International Inc.

“The most important thing is to innovate-look at ideas that have come along and how you can refine them. Be sure to know the numbers and the questions that people will ask you. The other thing is, you have to work hard and not give up. Don’t be the person who faces their first roadblock and stops and quits. That’s not the way to make it. You’re going to have peaks and valleys.”

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Dragon's Den cast member Joe Mimran
Photo: CBC

Joe Mimran’s Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Founder, Joe Fresh

“Make sure you’ve got something that’s viable and that services the consumer. Try and figure out what’s needed and don’t fall in love with your own idea just because it’s yours. Go out and vet it. Once you’ve got an idea that’s been vetted, then go for it. There’s nothing like taking that risk. And here’s the thing-in order to get to the level of people who’ve made it, you have to be a risk-taker.

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Dragon's Den cast member Manjit Minhas
Photo: CBC

Manjit Minhas’ Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Co-founder and CEO, Minhas Brewery & Distillery

“Find something you love and be knowledgeable about the basics of products and services because everyone has an opinion about them. People say failure isn’t an option, but it’s definitely one of the options if you’re in business. I look at failure as just the truth, really. But the harder you work in the business world, the luckier you’ll get.”

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Dragons' Den cast member Michele Romanow
Photo: CBC

Michele Romanow’s Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Co-founder, buytopia.ca

“The biggest piece of advice I have for young grads is to start now, even if it’s a small business. As you’re doing it, you’re figuring out what’s working and there’s so much innovation that comes out of just iterating your own ideas. I’ve known so many people who were like, “I have to finish this degree and do two years at this job.” No, start now.”

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