12 Steps to Recession-Proof Your Job

With cutbacks and layoffs happening everywhere, there may not be any opportunities for promotion within your company. To keep your name on everyone’s minds, start off by proving your worth—and recession-proofing your job. 

Try the following strategies from Karen Coe of TMP Worldwide Executive Search and Ken Scott of Axmith  to make yourself the No. 1 choice should a position open up:

  1. Be the best at what you do. Show others how to raise their skills, too.
  2. Be the first to suggest cost-cutting ideas and track the return to the bottom line, even if it’s only in your area.
  3. Examine how to redesign your own job to find ways to broaden its contribution.
  4. Be prepared to put in extra hours to increase productivity and deliverables.
  5. Keep a high profile in activities closely aligned with the company’s values, which includes volunteer work with charities and corporate causes that broadens your network and evidences contribution that is not self-serving and is team focused.
  6. Don’t wait for the job vacancy. Pave the way by making sure your boss knows you want more responsibility.
  7. Employees need to treat their own company as a client. In order to stay competitive, inform your employer of your competencies and your talents.
  8. Prepare for positions you’re interested in. If you’re gunning for a job in a foreign country, begin taking language classes before any opportunity presents itself. Think about portability.
  9. Likewise, don’t let a company know you’re interested in a foreign post if you can’t do it. You could, though, tell them you can’t do it. That helps them know where they can promote you.
  10. We are facing a severe management shortage in Canada with baby boomers retiring. Companies are  deciding who their top talent is, in order to keep them.
  11. Opportunity comes to people who are dressed for it, so always be ready.
  12. Follow through in every commitment you make to your boss, colleagues or anyone else.