Scratched Walls

I am living in a relatively new house. The wall in the vestibule has gathered a number of grooves and scratches caused by my dog's nails. How can I correct the problem and is it possible to avoid it in the future?

The short-term solution is to plaster and paint the wall. Fill the grooves and scratches with plaster. After sanding, prime the surface with a primer sealer and paint over that. However, this solution will not prevent your dog from repeating his misdeeds. To prevent future abuse of the vestibule wall from pets, shoes, and boots, you can add what is called wainscoting. Found in many older homes, it is a panel of wood with molded trim that rises to the height of the chair rail above the floor (about 90 cm/3 ft) and protects the plaster underneath. As well as protection, wainscoting can add some decorative charm to any room.