Safe Paint

I want to apply a paint that will brighten my son's bedroom. Since my son has a mild asthma condition I want to know if there is a paint that is safe and if there is a method of painting that will reduce the danger?

You definitely want to use a latex paint. There may be a strong odor, but latex paint is nontoxic. There are some individuals who are sensitive to latex paint, but few are. A high-gloss latex paint will help illuminate the room even more. Obviously, white paint will reflect the most light, but other light colors can also work well. In terms of protecting your son from the odor of the paint, you can place a fan on the window sill that blows air outside while, and after, you paint. Another thing that you can do before you start painting is to install some inexpensive weather stripping on the bedroom door. This will help prevent most of the fumes from exiting the room and entering the rest of the house.