Rosemary Pomanders

These fragrant, topiary-like decorations last for years, and they aren’t difficult to make. The ends of the rosemary sprigs stick right into the florist’s foam — no glue necessary. Just work carefully, especially when trimming the sprigs to the same length.

Rosemary Pomanders

What you will need:

30 short sprigs fresh rosemary

4-inch sphere dried florist’s foam

Heavy-duty florist’s scissors

Step 1:

Firmly pushing sprigs into sphere and spacing them as evenly as possible, form a line that divides the sphere in half. Then add more sprigs to divide the sphere into quarters. This will make it easier to fill in and trim the sections evenly.

Step 2:

Gently clip the sprigs to a uniform height as you work, but be careful not to clip too much away just yet. You can do a final trim when the sphere is completely filled in.

Step 3:

Fill in each quarter, clipping as you go, until you have completely covered the sphere.

Step 4:

Examine the pomander from all sides and trim more if necessary, until you are satisfied with the final shape.