Professional Help

I would like to undertake some of the renovation of my house myself, but I realize that some jobs are best left to the pros. When should I hire someone rather than taking on a job myself?

Probably the three most important questions to ask yourself are: Do you have the skills to do the job at hand? Be honest, because you want to do a good job. Second, do you have the time to do this job? It will probably take a bit longer than you think. Third, do you enjoy doing your own renovation work? Renovation can be stressful work, and if you don't enjoy it, having a professional renovation contractor responsible for the work can make the project more satisfying. Also, anytime the job involves major plumbing, electricity, heating, or the structure of the house, you really want to think twice about doing it yourself-or even hiring just anybody. Most provinces require permits for this work, as well many require specially licensed workers. Remember that coordination and supervision of different specialized trades are an important part of a professional renovator's job. He has more influence over subtrades than you do and professional coordination could make the difference between satisfaction and frustration.