Home Improvement

Who better to provide home improvement tips than HGTV Canada stars like Bryan Baeumler, Sarah Richardson and Brian Gluckstein? Whether you’re investing in a major reno or a light makeover, these do-it-yourself home improvement hacks will ensure you get the best return on investment.

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Create Your Own Elegant Holiday Decor

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to break the bank. Free materials abound and can be easily transformed into elegant décor. Here...

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Holiday Decor Your Kids Can Make

When the kids are home for the holidays you don't want to hear cries of 'I'm bored" or have them...

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Bring New Life to Old Floors

No one likes to feel trampled on. But your floors get walked all over on a regular basis. Here are...

Carpet Quick Fixes

Ahh, the luxurious feel of carpet under your feet. Enjoy it pampering your feet for years by following these tips...

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My Home Office Makeover

Here's how I went from pain to proper position, with a little help from an expert. Among other things, I...

Disaster-Proof Bathroom & Kitchen DIY

Decided to do a little DIY? There are six common pitfalls you'll want to avoid when you're upgrading the plumbing,...

DIY Tricks for the Unhandy

Don't know the difference between a screwdriver and a ratchet? Don't sweat it. These simple DIY tricks can be handled...

Maintaining Your Mower

When the lawn mower starts running a bit rough, don't run to a repair shop and pay an exorbitant minimum...

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Revamp Your Living Room

Transform your living space into a comfy oasis with a few simple changes. Here's the do-it-yourself formula for creating an...

All-Natural Stain Removal Kit

Some stubborn stains can be cleaned with simple solutions. These common ingredients are all you need.

Childproof Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Whether they're your own or just visiting, help protect children from the potential dangers in your home.  Children are curious...

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9 Things Your Renovator Won’t Tell You

Or: How to get the house of your dreams—without enduring a nightmare

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Propane Torch

Uses propane gas that mixes with the surrounding air to produce a hot flame (temperature about 1371°C/2500°F). Different tips are

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Pipe or Tubing Cutter

Produces clean cuts on copper or steel pipe or tubing.

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Pipe Wrench

Turns threaded pipes.

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Pipe Roller

Features an indented center groove in the cover to conform to the contour of heating pipes. Make sure you apply

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Heat Gun

Focuses a controlled amount of heat, usually between 121°C (250°F) and 593°C (1100°F), to soften paint so you can remove

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Paint Glove

For applying paint to unusually-shaped items, such as spindles.

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Brush and Roller-Cover Spinner

Cleans paint brushes or rollers.

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Hole Saw

Tempered hardened-steel teeth cut large holes in wood, metal, and sheet goods.

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Standard Router

Used for top-quality joinery and making decorative edges or surfaces.

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Skate-Wheel Jointer

Rakes out mortar to a depth of 12 mm (1/2 in.) from a joint. The length of the nail that

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Dead-Blow Hammer

Head is filled with steel shot and oil that absorb energy when the hammer impacts, eliminating any rebound in demolition

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Portable Work Center

Combines a workbench, tool stand, vise, and sawhorse in one compact unit.

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Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Has a blade assembly that slides along two rods, allowing you to cut wide stock by pulling the assembly toward

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Circular Saw

Used for fast straight cuts in wood or other materials. Upper blade guard is fixed; lower guard is spring-loaded and

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Multipurpose Electrician’s Pliers

Measure, cut, and strip wire; also crimp wire connectors and cut machine screws. As with other wire strippers, handles do

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Round-Nose Pliers

Favored by electricians, these pliers have smooth, tapered, round jaws designed for bending thin wire and sheet metal into different-sized

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Hand Stapler

Drives staples with a squeeze of the handle.