Fiberglass or Asphalt Shingles

I want to install new shingles on my roof. Which ones are the best to use, fiberglass or felt-based asphalt shingles? And is there any difference between three-tab and one-piece shingles?

Both the standard three-tab shingle and the longer one-piece shingle are good. In terms of which will last longer, the difference is not in the shingle's length but its thickness. Obviously the thicker the shingle, the more durable it will be. The difference between the two is strictly a question of design. With regard to fiberglass or felt-based shingles, they are relatively new in Canada and the jury is still out on their long-term success in our climate. If you choose to install any nonstandard shingles, I would ask around for references from contractors and homeowners. Inquire if they have had any problems. If you live in a windy area, try interlocking shingles. Each shingle has clips on its underside that lock into place with the shingle below. As you know, strong wind is one of the greatest enemies of a shingle roof. This type of shingle will remain in place even when the wind is strong.