Deadbolt Locks

Do I need a locksmith to install a deadbolt lock or is it something that I can do myself?

Yes, you can install a deadbolt lock by yourself. First make an outline of the strike plate on the door jamb using a utility knife. After chiseling a mortise in the door jamb, attach the strike plate with long screws. Most lock kits come with a template designed to facilitate the job for the nonprofessional. Tape the template to the door opposite the strike plate, making sure that they line up together perfectly. Once the template is in place, drill small holes on the dots that will eventually screw the lock into place. In the center of the template, drill a cylinder hole using a hole saw, and install the lock cylinder and backplate in the hole. The lock can now be slipped on and locked into place. Be sure to test the lock's ability to engage and disengage before mounting the final screws.