Ceiling Hot-Air Fans

I live in a two-story house that sits on concrete and does not have a basement. The living room is difficult to keep warm in the winter. All the hot-air vents are located on the ceiling. If I moved them down to the ground, would the room be better heated?

There will always be a problem with heating a room whose hot- and cold-air vents are located on the ceiling. The hot air will descend from the vent and almost immediately rise again. As a result, cold air will sit at the bottom of the room. What you have to do is install a cold-air return vent on the floor. It can be anywhere in the room as long as it is as far away from the hot-air vents as possible, and one vent will be enough to solve the problem. The cold-air return will act as a vacuum and suck all the cold air from the room and send it to the furnace. The cold air will disappear from the room and as a result will pull some of the hot air downward.