Caulking Windows

Last winter my heating bills were considerably high. I noticed that there was a draft coming from my living room window. I do not want to permanently seal the window, but is there anything that can cut down the draft and be removed in the spring?

There certainly is something that you can do. There are caulkings on the market that are designed to provide an excellent seal and can literally be peeled off at any time. The good thing about this caulking is that when it peels off, paint on the frame will not come off with it. Another possibility is to buy plastic sheeting designed to cover windows in the winter. They are transparent and come with double-sided tape that you apply to the window's edge. The transparent plastic should then be placed over the window and attached to the tape. Traditionally, plastic sheeting was problematic as it was wrinkled and difficult to see through. Newer types of plastic sheeting, however, are completely clear and shrink under heat. Once the sheeting is properly in place, blow hot air on it from a hair dryer. With patience, you can eliminate the wrinkles completely. Either method will eliminate the air draft and bring down your heating bills considerably. I am concerned that my venetian blinds may contain lead. How can I be sure that the blinds do not contain lead?