Attaching Drywall to I-Beams

I want to cover the main beam in the basement, which is a steel I-beam, with drywall. I don't know how to attach the drywall to the I-beam without drilling holes into the steel beam. Is this possible?

The ingenious way around this problem is to use metal drywall corner beads. Screw corner beads to the floor joists overhead alongside the I-beam. Cut drywall strips 2.4 m (8 ft) long that are wide enough to cover the side of the beam. Screw and glue these to the corner beads above. Screw another corner bead to the bottom of all the drywall strips, then screw a piece of drywall across the bottom of the beam to the corner beads. Double the corners with another corner bead over the exposed corners, screwing through the drywall to the first corner bead, and your I-beam is out of sight, out of mind.