6 Easy Steps to a Fall Home Makeover

Fall has officially arrived. Now is the time to give our homes their seasonal makeover. Here’s how to get started.

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With changing colours outdoors, fall is the perfect time to redecorate your home.

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Use Seasonal Decor

Use Seasonal Decor

▪ Hang a wreath on the front door to keep with the season.
▪ For glittering accents, replace silver and pewter accessories with warmer metals such as copper, gold or bronze.
▪ Straw, raffia, mini gourds, apples, willow boughs, and Fall leaves gather together to make the perfect seasonal wreath.

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How About New Drapes?

How About New Drapes?

▪ Drapery panels not only frame our view, but also insulate us from the cold outside.

▪ Try a pair made from luxurious fabrics, such as raw silk, chenille or washed velvet.

▪ Adornments and trims such as tassels, cording, fringing, and tiebacks are great Fall additions.

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Add Warmth With Cushions and Blankets

Add Warmth With Cushions and Blankets

▪ A sofa, love seat or bed can never have enough plump cushions.

▪ Try a collection of throw cushions that are harmonious in colour but vary in size, shape, and texture.

▪ Look for ornate trims and fringing in glass jewels or even feathers.

▪ On the floor, in front of the fireplace, toss a few over sized embroidered, flannel, fur or wool cushions.

▪ Be sure to lay a cashmere, hand knit or wool throw on the back of the sofa, or drape one over the arm of your favourite reading chair.

▪ A throw blanket not only looks beautiful, but also adds texture and warmth to a room.

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Create Fall-Inspired Centrepieces

Create Fall-Inspired Centrepieces

▪ This season, create an outstanding centrepiece with pumpkins, gourds (ornamental squash), leaves, berries, and branches.
▪ White Lumina pumpkins are an upscale twist on the traditional orange pumpkin. The white pumpkins fit with all decors and can easily be antiqued by applying a coat of tinted walnut or mahogany coloured varnish or can be colour washed with latex paint. A little imagination and creativity goes a long way here.
▪ Don’t forget your side tables and bookshelves. Line baskets and bowls with sheets of green sphagnum moss, and then fill with apples or mini pumpkins and Fall leaves. Moss is available from your local florist.
▪ Vases of fresh colourful flowers should also be replaced with arrangements of branches and flowers that have blossoms in deep, rich Fall colours and interesting leaves and berries. Oak and curly willow branches also look sensational. Complete the look with a bow of raffia.

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Begin From the Ground Up

Begin From the Ground Up

▪ Laying area carpets with plush textures and rich warm patterns will take the chill off hardwood or ceramic floors.

▪ Look for carpets that are saturated with deep, rich colours (hues such as burgundy, brown, terracotta and golden yellow) – warm textures that will support your room’s theme and style.

▪ Plush Oriental, wool, and Persian carpets are excellent choices for this time of year.

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Swap Bedding and Bed Linens

Swap Bedding and Bed Linens

▪ Change bed linens from crisp summer cottons to warm flannels or brushed cottons in deep rich colours. Duvet covers, filled with heavy down, or plump duvets look irresistibly warm and inviting.
▪ On the dining table, try laying linens in rich, warm, Fall earth tones, such as ochre, sienna, burnt orange, and red. Cotton blanket throws can also double as great Fall table linens.
▪ Add the warmth of candlelight. Group a collection of aromatic burgundy, pumpkin or rust coloured pillar candles that vary in height together on a tray or plate that has been lined with a bed of moss, or on top of a layer of Fall leaves.

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