6 Bathroom Renovation Tips From the Experts

When it comes to a bathroom overhaul, creating a beautiful space and boosting the value of your home go hand-in-hand. In fact, bathroom renovations will give you the highest return of any home improvement.

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Modern bathroom with marble walls
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Splurge on that finishing touch

According to Toronto real estate agent Heikki Walden of Camber Walden Group, “A bathroom renovation will give you a 100 per cent return on your investment.” He firmly believes choosing expensive finishes such as natural stone, marble, granite and quartz will pay off when it comes time to sell. Many manufacturers offer tub and sink materials that are non-slip, non-porous and insulated, to keep your bathwater hotter longer.

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Freestanding bathtub
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Don’t skimp on lighting

Flattering lighting is a non-negotiable. Toronto interior designer Jill Greaves suggests dimmable pot lights on the ceiling, accent lighting around the mirror and a waterproof fixture in the shower. For a touch of drama, consider a chandelier in the middle of the room.

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Luxury bathroom in modern home
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Add a bit of luxury

Add a free-standing bathtub or sinuous high-end faucets. For extra luxe, Greaves suggests a sauna or steam shower, both coveted, on-trend items right now.

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Luxury bathroom
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Get the right type of storage

A clutter-free bathroom is a stress-free bathroom. An armoire with shelving is a stylish way to keep quotidian items tucked out of sight. For a smaller space, create a system of shelves with drawers, baskets and cubbies; frequently used items can take up residence in elegant caddies, while everything else can stay hidden away.

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Decorative potted plants in bathroom
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Green up your space

Bring the outdoors in with steam-loving plants. To save counter space, install small sconce—like pots on the wall or a modular wall-planter system.

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Blue and white bathroom
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Use items to add some colour

When it comes to colour, keep things light. “Dark finishes can date a renovation,” says Greaves. If you’re keen on a more vibrant hue, use items that are easy to swap out-towels, baskets—when you’re ready to mix it up.

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