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5 Picture Hanging Tips

You just bought the perfect piece of art. But where to put it? The living room? The kitchen? Should you hang it high up on the wall, or maybe lower? These tips will help you demystify the art of picture hanging.

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To be a good picture hanger requires a good aesthetic sense, says Stephanie Hoppen in her book Picture Perfect. Here are some of her tips:

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Choose a Theme

Say you like frogs, caricatures or a particular flower? Having a specific interest when hunting through art fairs, flea markets and galleries can add immense enjoyment – and turn into a lifetime hobby.

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Hints on Hanging

Most people hang pictures too high. Enlist a friend to hold a picture up against the wall. Use a spirit level in older houses, but also rely on your eye. Put pins and screws into the wall on an angle. That way the wall bears the weight of the picture, not the pin.

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Pop your framed paintings or photographs on a narrow shelf or mantelpiece. It’s easy to change the order and the pictures. Plus – no damage to your walls with pins. Also, think carefully about what height you will look at the art: will you be standing, sitting or walking past it on your way in or out?

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Enjoy Your Art

Skip the living room – often you’ll have your back to the main wall. Hang your pictures in the kitchen, dining room, entrance hall, main bedroom – even the bathroom. Note what you can see when soaking in the bath or pensively brushing your teeth.

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Environmental Conditions

Light and temperature can affect your art. Ultraviolet light is damaging to photographs. Exposure to high humidity and temperature changes is also detrimental.