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4 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Big

Looking to create more space in your home? It is possible to make a small space look and feel larger-without having to break down any walls. Here are four tricks from interior decorators on how to turn a cramped room into more spacious surroundings.

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1. Aim for Three Points of Light

An example is an overhead fixture and two table lamps. “The eye travels to light first,” says Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of “Any space that’s in a shadow is space you don’t have.”

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2. Ditch the Extra Furniture

Clear away extra furniture like a desk or cabinets, for more mingling room, says Chris Seman of the Mr. Handyman franchises.

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3. Space Out Artwork

Start at the floor and measure 57 inches up the wall. The centre of your art or photo should hang on that mark. Why it works: 57 inches is roughly eye height for most people, which opens up more space above the work, making the room seem taller.

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4. Hang a Mirror

The larger, the better. Position it across from an entryway or a window so that it reflects the natural light.