10 Tips to a Greener Holiday

Follow our 10 easy tips to create an enviro-friendly and fun holiday. Reducing your carbon footprint is the gift that keeps on giving.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and you can have the greenest holiday ever. 

  1. Save trees. Send e-cards instead of paper cards or pick up the phone to send personal wishes. Can’t give up this tradition? Try making your own from old cards, or buy cards made with recycled paper that support a good cause.
  2. Buy a natural Christmas tree for your local tree farm. Be sure to put it out for recycling!
  3. Decorate with enviro-friendly materials that can be recycled or composted. Avoid buying any more plastic for your tree.
  4. Decorate with LED lights. Use timers on interior and exterior lights to save electricity. Invest in some solar-powered outdoor lights to save even more energy.
  5. Save gas and shop online. Many online retailers are offering free shipping this season.
  6. Scale back your gift giving. Purchase Free Trade gifts that support small businesses and communities. Give experiences as presents. Buy tickets to a concert, an afternoon at the museum, lunch at a special restaurant, a trip to the spa. Be imaginative.
  7. Avoid buying gifts that require batteries or make sure to include rechargeable batteries with the recharger.
  8. Pass up on the gift wrapping. Most of it just ends up in the landfill. Try using newspaper comics, decorated paper bags, material or cloths bags. Remember, it’s not the wrapping but the gift that is important.
  9. Serve up a 100-mile holiday meal. Buy an organic turkey from a local farmer and anything produced locally.
  10. Reduce your holiday waste. Skip the plastic plates and cups. Opt for reusable dinner plates and cups, as well a cloth napkins.

Have a green and happy holiday!

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