Vermicomposting: A Different Way to Compost

Did you know you that worms are an effective way to compost yard and kitchen waste? Known as “vermicomposting”, you can apply this backyard landscaping idea to add vital nutrients to your soil.

Vermicomposting: A Different Way to Compost

How to Vermicompost

– You will need a wide, shallow, floorless bin made from brick or wood.

– Place it outside on natural soil with some form of covering to keep the rain off.

– Lay shredded plant material in a layer no more than 30 cm deep. Any more than this will prevent heat from building up and the low temperature may kill the worms.

– Introduce some compost worms and continue to add more plant material from week to week. A mixture of leaves, vegetable waste, fresh manure, waste paper and grass clipping works well.

– Inspect the compost daily and add water as necessary to make sure that it is kept moist, but not wet. 

– Spread the mixture out to cool if it becomes too hot.