Landscaping Basics: Planting Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

Planting trees, shrubs or hedges is a great way to add privacy and beauty to your landscape. Below are some key basics to understand before adding them to your landscape.

Landscaping Basics: Planting Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

Planting Trees

Trees are enduring landscaping enhancements. Take the time to choose the best varieties and locations for trees in your yard, and plant them right-you may spend a lifetime together.

Pruning Trees

From first planting through maturity, you can encourage and control a tree’s development with pruning. Done properly, pruning enhances the health as well as the appearance of the tree.

Planting a Hedge

For privacy or beauty, or both, a hedge is a natural way to mark a border or define a landscaping area. Plant and care for it the right way and you’ll be rewarded with rich, healthy growth.

Foundation Plantings

Plant flowers and shrubs to blend your house, walk, and drive with the beauty of your yard and garden. They can hide the foundation, soften edges and corners, and provide colour and grace.

Mulching Your Garden

Mulch is the smart gardener’s best friend. It stops weeds, conserves water, and saves hours of work. Choose organic, mineral, or manufactured mulch to keep your gardening easy.