Top 10 Questions for Childcare Providers

Before making your final decision about child care, based on your research and discussion with other parents, find out what the policy of childcare providers is so that you can feel completely confident you’re making the best possible decision for your family.

  • 1. What is the childcare and development policy?
  • 2. Is there a discipline policy? Find out how staff discipline children so that you can feel confident your child is being thoughtfully guided and not harmed by harsh punishment or lax attitudes that encourage bad behaviour. It’s best to talk to the centre’s coordinator about this.
  • 3. What safety and security measures are in place?
  • 4. What is the rate of staff turnover? A rapid turnover of staff, or too many casual staff, can be very unsettling for some children.
  • 5. What sort of food is offered? If your child has an allergy, or you want to make sure that only healthy food and snacks are supplied, you need to make enquiries and ask whether the staff are trained to cater for special needs or treatment in relation to allergies.
  • 6. Is there a sickness policy? What sort of conditions are children sent home for, and how sick do they have to be to stay at home?
  • 7. Is there an option for ‘sick care’? For some parents, having an option for those times when their child is not seriously sick can be a great time and job saver.
  • 8. Do I have to pay for days that my child is absent?
  • 9. Is there a late fee if I don’t pick up my child on time? If it’s possible that you’ll be held up at work or in traffic occasionally, you might need to arrange for someone to pick up your child at those times, to avoid incurring late fees.
  • 10. Can I stay with or visit my child at any time? Some children benefit from having a parent stay for a while at drop-off time, until they settle in, but not all childcare centres encourage it, so check first.