Take the Best Family Photos

If you’re always disappointed in the way you or your family come across in your photos then you may not be posing correctly. Learn how to carry yourself in front of a camera so you can look like the real you in any family photo.

Take the Best Family Photos

 “Knowing how to take a fabulous photo will be the difference between great memories and memories where you wish you were cropped out of the frame,” says image consultant Clare Maxfield, author of  Getting Gorgeous.

For the face

  • Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you smile. It reduces the double-chin effect.
  • Keep your chin down for a flattering line. Tilting your head up in excitement puts you at risk of nostril-cam.
  • Say cheese! This is not as silly as it sounds. It opens your mouth into a natural smile. If you don’t want to be in the photo, get out!
  • Natural make-up is best. Rich, shiny lip-gloss can make lips appear too large, so use sparingly. Don’t have your face spray-tanned before an event – you won’t look fresh.
  • Have the photographer stand above you so your chin is naturally facing down and your eyes widen.
  • Tilt your head slightly for a more friendly/flirtatious look.
  • Keep your look natural. Smiling too big can make you look a little drunk.

For the body

  • Hold your elbows out from your body. Think chicken wings only avoid the squawk!
  • Give your body a slight twist. Turn your feet away from the camera and bring your body around from your waist for a slimmer and shapelier look.
  • Medium-tone colours are best. Very light colours can make you look larger, while dark colours can get lost in the picture.
  • Don’t wear too many patterns. If you are a large person, avoid even prints as they’re easier to follow and will emphasize your size.

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