Puppet Props and Backdrops

Capture some of the holiday magic by staging a puppet show. These props are fun and easy to make. Check our other links for suggestions on how to stage the show and a suggested script for the story of Rudolph.

Material Needed

For the Props
• 18 in. x 10 in. (46 cm x 25 cm) piece of heavy cardboard
• pieces of felt in the colours shown
• fabric glue
• black felt-tip marker
• glue gun
• 3 x 16 in. (40 cm) wooden dowel for handles

For the Backdrops
• 37 in. x 30 in. (93 cm x 75 cm) each of dark and light blue cotton
• fabric paint in green and white
• length of dowel for hanging backdrop

For the Props

1. To make the rooftops, sleigh, and gifts, trace background shapes from the templates. Trace them all onto the cardboard and cut out.

2. Trace detail shapes onto felt using the colors shown below and cut out carefully.

3. Glue felt pieces to the front of the cardboard backgrounds as shown below. Let dry and draw outlines around the main shapes with black felt-tip marker as shown. Glue the handles securely to the back.

For the Backdrops


Make the “daytime” backdrop from the light blue fabric, with a casing for the dowel at the top and a hem at sides and bottom. Use white fabric paint to make a wavy snowdrift in the bottom half, and when dry use the green paint for some simple, freehand evergreen trees, as shown.

Make the “night-time” backdrop from dark blue fabric in the same way. Hang in your puppet theater, or rig up on a suitable length of dowel rod supported between two chair backs.